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Rebel Beat Screens at the Silver Lake Film Festival!

Silver Lake Film Festival Screening

Christopher, winner of the Rebel Beat Grand Prize drawing, sent me this on MySpace:
"GREAT MOVIE!!!!!! I honestly never thought that our scene and lifestyle would represented in such a great and honest way, but you have proved me wrong!!!! Great job! I am also an avid reader of "La Ciudad" and if it not for them I would have not had the pleasure of viewing your film. I also thank you for showing that not all greasers, rockabillys, ect. are bad, ruthless, trouble makers. I took my mom with me to see your film because I heard from a friend that it really depicted our lifestyle as a true brotherhood with real fun and I wanted her to see that, and that is exactly what she saw. Once again thank you for making such a honest film." Christopher D. Auner.

James Intveld, director of
the "James Dean" segment
of the Silver Lake Film
Fest's "Letters of the
Underground" pic at the
"Letters" after party at the
King King club on
Hollywood Boulevard.

Fred and Elisa, old school rockabillies from Canada joined the Rebel Beat screening, shopped till they dropped at My Baby JO, AND partied at the Culver City Car Show!

Darla checks out the hotties in this month's issue of Ciudad Magazine, who contributed free copies to the Rebel Beat screening goodie bags.

Rebel Beat screened in Hollywood on Cinco de Mayo at the luscious Barnsdall Theater.  We were fighting a tough battle to get people to this screening, up against Rich's awesome annual Cinco show, and the fact that every time I put up a poster for the movie it was stolen the same day -- thanks to Bernie Dexter's pinup!  But we had a great time and the film looked fabulous!  As usual, Ronny Weiser was the favorite of the audience, but Chuy and Javier also got a lot of laughs!

Darla Montoya of My Baby Jo showed up before the screening with Isaiah and Amy to help set up the table for the "Rockin' Prize Box" Grand Prize (and scour the hotties in this month's Ciudad Magazine) before heading off to dance at Rich's Cinco show.  Thanks you guys for showing up to help out!

Ray Campi fans were thrilled to meet Ray that night, including Mark who brought a rare vinyl of the "Teenage Cruisers" soundtrack for Ray to sign!

Thanks to Tiffany, Tom and everyone at the Barnsdall Theater who took such good care of our film and made it so easy to be a one-woman show.  I highly recommend the Barnsdall and everyone there.

After the screening, we had the Grand Prize drawing.  Ray selected the winner: Christopher Auner!  Well, his mom anyway!  Congratulations you two!

Still jonesing for Rich's Cinco show myself, I threw Fred in the car and drove him down the street to the Knitting Factory for a taste of real California Rockabilly.  The box office was closed, but luckily bartendress Nikki took pity on us and let us sneak in just in time to catch the Moonlight Cruisers rock the house (isn't Aaron cute??).  Fred, a long time rockabilly from Canada, got lucky on his first trip to LA.  He got schooled in the real rockabilly scene!  Fred, isn't that GEL in your hair??
Click here for my pix of the Silver Lake Film Festival or check out the photobucket here. Or read my rant about SLFF on my blog, Adventures in Self Distribution. Thanks Carmen for coming and putting such a nice post on my blog!

Tiffany of the Barnsdall Theater is a friend to the filmmaker. Everyone at Barnsdall was great!


Rebel Beat Screens Underground during SXSW
Thanks to Orlando Rios and Dave Wolfe

I made my first trek to Texas, well sort of, to Austin anyway, to write an article on the docs screening there for "Documentary Magazine", to try to promote Rebel Beat to that billy-crazy town and, of course, to try to ride a cowboy...

Rebel Beat on Hot Topic's Listening Station
Thanks to Redeye...and of course Bernie...Rebel Beat has been selling like hotcakes at Hot Topic and they've even decided to put Rebel Beat on their listening stations...shockingly, without my having to pay for that! I guess even the mall rats are jonesing for the real deal...and supposedly some day I'll get paid for all those units I've shipped off to Redeye!  God bless 'em!

Autobooks Screens Rebel Beat

Autobooks-Aerobooks of Burbank kindly screened Rebel Beat in April. Autobooks in Burbank on a Saturday can be a lot fun!  Cutie Cherry Martini dropped by to sign copies of that month's issue of Garage Magazine on sale there, featuring Cherry and her hot rod (not a bad place to meet a lot of dudes, either, let me tell you...dudes with a lot of cash to spend on their expensive mechanical toys!).  Much thanks to Doug!

Glen Glenn played at Art Fein's Annual Elvis Birthday Bash in Hollywood -- Edward and Lily got the free Poster

Art Fein served up another Fein Mess at this year's Elvis Birthday Bash in Hollywood at the Music Box Theater. Also playing that night were Tommy Sands, Fur and Steve Dixon, Dawn Shipley, Justin Curtis and Sally JO, Russell Scott, Fred Willard and Phil Alvin with the Blasters.  A fun night with a lot of nice people.

Our Beauty Bernie signs posters at Glamorama Labor Day 07 while her Hot Hubbie rocks the house

Derek Dupree's Glamorama Productions put on a fantastic show at the 1160 Bar in the Ramada Inn.  Our Beauty, Bernie Dexter, showed up to rock out to her hubbie, Levi Dexter (among others) and kindly signed some Rebel Beat posters (Bernie pictured here with guitarist Danny B. Harvey and bass player Smutty, who kindly lent his image to the layout for the back of the DVD).  To see what Levi's up to click here.
My Baby JO Sponsors the DVD of "Rebel Beat"
My Baby JO has become the official sponsor of Rebel Beat!  We love the store, love Darla, and love the yummy selection of goodies they offer.  Check it all out here.

Here's a shout out to the boys at Bop N Stomp and Pachuko Jose!

Here's some pix I took at a Big Sandy show at the Bordello nightclub in downtown LA the weekend following Viva Las Vegas 2008.  This was my first visit to Bordello.  Finding the Bordello and figuring out where to park wasn't easy, but once I made it there the club and the show was stellar!  Lots of excited fans from Europe taking snaps of everything.

That night was the first time I saw gas prices top $4 a gallon.  I thought it was a downtown thing!  Dang!