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If you can't see this video click here to find it on YouTube
"Rebel Beat" is the first documentary to capture America's oldest underground music scene...a scene that has survived 50 years thanks to diehard musicians, promoters and fans of a rebel rock you won't see on MTV...a scene hidden in Hollywood, but never caught on film. Until now. "Rebel Beat: The Story of LA Rockabilly" chronicles the story of L.A. rockabilly, from 50s cowboy rockers like Glen Glenn, revivalists like Ray Campi who invaded the '70s LA punk with his slappin' bass, to legends like Big Sandy and Dave Gonzales, to today's Barrio-Billy spicing up the mix with rockin' cumbias. The laid back cousin of psychobilly, LA Rockabilly is a low-fi, sexy culture with a passion for its retro roots, captured by "Rebel Beat" at car shows, swap meets, barbecues, barrio cafes and hidden juke joints - far from the Sunset Strip - before pulling up to the West Coast's biggest rockabilly party: Viva Las Vegas. "Rebel Beat" includes interviews with over 40 musicians, promoters, DJ's, sceneters, car customizers, and dancers and features rare archival photos, vintage TV clips, pinups and music, all highlighting the music, fashion, cars, pomps, ink and dance moves of LA Rockabilly.

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"It's an only-in-America journey" -- Ciudad Magazine

"Excellent" -- Blue Suede News

"A brilliant inside report from an environment the mainstreams don't know much about." -- Dag Bogeberg, Backstage Magazine (Norway)

"This is the DVD you need if you're into today's 'authentic' rockabilly." -- Jumping From 6 to 6 Webzine, France

"I enjoyed this DVD, especially the contributions from Big Sandy, Glen Glenn, Ray Campi and Ron Wiser who's as crazy as ever...producer Elizabeth Blozan should be commended for pulling the whole thing together." Harry Dodds, Now Dig This.

"...fabulous showcase of the Los Angeles rockabilly underground. If you thought that the rockabilly revival began and ended with The Stray Cats, you're in for a big, pleasant surprise, as it is alive and well in the L.A. music scene." Mish Mash Magazine

Culture Vulture Music Pick: Bust Magazine's Girl Wide Web

"I would like to thank you for your work, because except of it I never had such a pleasure which I had yesterday when I saw your documentary, which was in my order from Racous Records.  After first minutes I was amazed about all the things - design, sound and picture.  I realized that I see Glen Glenn for the first time, but we are penpals about 10 years!!!  The same situation with Ronny Weiser.  I'm so happy to saw all what you're put in the movie. Brilliant work!!! Cheers, Viktor Kopytin Moscow Russia

"Finally got around to looking at 'Rebel Beat' this weekend, and found it a very sweet and loving look at the LA rockabilly scene.  I liked the way you worked in the kustom kar angle (though that's not my area of expertise), and (rightfully) focused on the East Side scene." -- Chris Morris, Watusi Rodeo, Indie 103.1 FM, Los Angeles

"Amazing how long-lived it's all been! (I first saw the Blasters in '79; my first wife taught school with Ray Campi!  Also knew Levi when he was married to Pleasant Gehman!)  I especially got a kick out of the Ray Campi '80 video, which features my dear friend Tony Gilkyson on lead guitar.  I'm sure he's ashamed of the way he looks there (OG rockabillys had a bit of trouble with the hairstyles)."  Charlie Martin, KOOP, Austin

"Hi, Greetin's from Belfast.  Just finished watching Rebel Beat - what a great movie. It's been 5 years since I was last in LA but after watching Rebel beat I have to get back there soon. Oh, and what a lovely surprise to see my old buddy Ernie Vargas and The Lonely Blue Boys on there - brought back happy memories of a party at Ernie's where all the guys were there playing in his garage and the food and hospitality were first class. Thanks again."  Liam, The Sabrejets

"I watched the film yesterday.  Absolutely great work! It looks really good, the editing is terrific, and I think it tells the story from an interesting perspective. At first, during the car culture section, I thought I was watching another documentary, but you melded that segment, along with the Latino history, into a point of view that no one's ever really shown before." Harry Orlov

"I just received my copy of "Rebel Beat - The Story of L.A Rockabilly" and I love it!  Thank you so much for putting this movie together, great job. The music, the interviews, editing...everything's amazing. I feel really inspired doing something to document the huge rockabilly scene Sweden's got :) I can't thank you enough!!! best wishes." CherryCake, Sweden

The best film ever made about rockabilly. Greetings from Ireland! - H Bomb Boogie Record Hop, Dublin

Goddamn we love ya! Yer pals, The Slack Jawed Sons of Bitches, San Jose California

Wow… I got the DVD in the mail today and popped in the player immediately. I was not disappointed...The ending sequence with the party in room 127 was a neat way to sum it all up. Rockabilly is about having fun with each other - bottom line.  Alan Schrack, Atlanta Georgia

(Email to Ron Weiser)
"Ronny, I got that DVD from a friend of mine...wow, great stuff!!!!  I watched it with Heike last weekend, and even if she knew all the stories about Rollin Rock from me, she now finally got the point how important ROLLIN ROCK was for all of us Roots Music lovers... That DVD is great...because 25 years ago, we - the rockin folks in Munich (and anywhere else) - were raised on that good dose of Rollin Rock Music.... Ronny, you rock the most and if I might never told you, I´m very proud to know you personally, to be your friend and have a partner in music and HUMOR!!! there in Las Vegas!!!!  And talking about influence - next weekend Jan Svensson comes back to Munich for 2 shows at the Rattlesnake and also for a private show at my best friends 40-B-Day party....anytime Jan shows up, we talk about Rollin rock + Ronny Weiser FOR HOURS... no shit...(Heike sometimes went "nuts" ´cause it´s all about RONNY...now she understand WAY BETTER !!!!hahahahaha) We love your dedication for Rockin music (and Ray Campi, Johnny Caroll etc.) and your Latino Jewish German (?) whatever (you are colored mixture as myself, by the way! ha!)...Ronny, you have a great weekend, say Hello to your family and PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE stay as you are, just CRAZY as your old Record Covers and Nice as you ever been to us!! LOVE YA! P.S.: This is no ass licking and honey - it´s a FACT! :) Your rockin partners EL + Heike


October trivia contest winner Rene Lopez of Long Beach
(photo taken by Rene's girlfriend, pro photographer Lorrine Sianez)

September Trivia Contest winner Frank Kowal with his copy of Rebel Beat
on Pasadena's famous Colorado Street Bridge!

August Trivia Contest winner Chet Damian of Virginia on Lake Barcroft

Rebel Beat made it to CNN!  Kinda sorta!  Well, not at all!
June Trivia Contest winner & diehard rockabilly fan Allan of CNN.
Sign Allan's petition to keep the Rockin' 50s Fest alive in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

June Trivia Contest winner Chelsea Stump of Florida.  Muy caliente !

Famed indie film director Allison Anders added a day of rockabilly to her annual
"Don't Knock the Rock" film fest with a screening of the Montreal doc
"Rockabilly 514", two rockabilly shorts, a demo by Danny B. Harvey,
and a display of James Trussart's gorgeous handmade guitars
(Thanks for letting us sell copies of "Rebel Beat" at the show Allison!) 

with an ELEVEN PAGE photo spread in Urban Ink Magazine!

Shot at a Safari Sam's gig for the Moonlight Cruisers!  
Check more from promoter Tiger Mask or Moonlight Cruisers.
Thanks to photographer Chris King, Sam of Safari Sam's, and Tiger Mask.
And thanks to all of you who showed up to pose!

Rebel Beat's car customizer Joseph Garcia featured in Urban Ink Magazine

in a spread about his Drag-N-Shop annual BBQ!  Here's a preview:

Rebel Beat and SoCal Rockabilly featured on American Latino TV
thanks to rockabilly fan Robert Rose, prez of of American Latino and Latination TV

Check out Robert's American Latino/Latination national lineup
Robert loves rockabilly, having featured Orlando Rios/ Rockabilly Magazine,
Viva Las Vegas, Omar and the String Poppers, Rich/Blackcat Entertainment,
My Baby Jo, & photographer Marco Patino (who lent hot pinups to Rebel Beat!)

Big Sandy and
"Moonlight Cruisers" Tony Pelayo before the Rebel Beat TV spot.
Not quite ready for prime time!

JGS Releases Rebel Beat in Scandinavia
with subtitles in Finnish, Swedish & Icelandic!
("Rebel Beat in Icelandic: "Uppreisnarmađur Slá")

To see this amazing DVD cover up close, click here.

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Bernie Dexter