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Rockin' Ronny Weiser Growing up Jewish in repressive 1950s Italy spurned Ron Weiser to believe America, with its cowboy heroes and rockabilly stars, was the land where dreams came true for the kid who didn't fit in at Catholic school. The kid who wanted so desperately to wear his American blue jeans that he died a pair of white jeans brown and tried to pass them off as uniform khakis. And got kicked out of school. By the time Ron started attending UCLA, 'cowboy' was an adjective for reckless self-interest and the music industry was run by hippies. Horrified, Ron founded the "Rollin' Rock", the world's smallest record label. He recorded original legends like Gene "Be-Bop-A-Lula" Vincent and up-and-coming young artists like LAs own kings of the blues, "The Blasters". In the 70s Rollin' Rock transformed the UK disco scene and the LA punk scene with the revival of the slappin' bass. Rollin' Rock became a cult favorite with the likes of Quentin Tarantino (who used the Rollin' Rock track "That Certain Female" in "Kill Bill"). Ron is credited by many (even some who are not his close personal friends) with bringing the standup bass back to rock n' roll. Ron still rocks, records and wears his jeans every day in Vegas where he is happily married and raising two sons who, despite their good looks, insist they have no interest in becoming rock stars. Rollin' Rock has no website and a lot of Ron's greatest albums are out of print, so to buy you will have to resort to Ebay. Look for "Rollin' Rock Got the Sock" to find "That Certain Female" by Charlie Feathers and "Rockabilly Music" by Ray Campi, both featured in this documentary. You can also try www.hightone.com. They'll sell if they still have a copy lying around to sell.  Check out Ronny on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website here.
Skip Heller Jazz guitarist and music historian Skip Heller grew up in Philadelphia during the rockabilly draught of the 70s. He quickly learned to dig through juke box dumps to rescue the early Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee Lewis discs that would become part of his musical influences. Inspired by his friend, Blasters cofounder Dave Alvin, Skip made LA his musical home. Here he produced albums for several artists, including Ray Campi. He engineered the comeback of LA legend Lalo Guerrero, first by transcribing Lalo's scores and later by taking Lalo on tour. Skip composes for movies and commercials and has written liner notes for everything from Gene Vincent to Barry Brothers albums. As a guitarist, Skip has recorded on several jazz labels, including Hyena. He has also self released several albums, as well as a book about life on the road as a working musician. Support this working musician by buying one of Skip's CDs at www.cdbaby.com. My favorites are "Homegoing" (because of a track with very sexy vocals by Dave Alvin) and "Fakebook" (because of an awesome version of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse"). Check out Skip, his life and his work here.
Bob Timmers, founder, Rockabilly Hall of Fame makes his home in Nashville, and is the only person to have created an online database of rockabilly history with his Rockabilly Hall of Fame website, where you can not only find extensive information on those artists who played a key role in the origin of this distinctinctly American art form, but where you can also find listings for worldwide rockabilly events.
Reb Kennedy / Wild Promotions, started his career in promotions in the seething, organic world of the London club scene.  Now making his home in Burbank, Reb has channeled his Irish heart and intensity on opening doors for young artists whose hearts cling to the raw, authentic sound of American roots rockabilly. Check out Reb, his shows, his bands and his merch here.
Pinup Model: Bernie Dexter: What a hottie, huh?  I first spied Bernie Dexter when she and her husband, rockabilly rocker Levi Dexter, were watching a Carlos and the Bandidos show at VLV 03.  Unaware at the time of who they were, I simply fell in love with them as objects of desire, a couple so cute I wanted to order them up as bobble head dolls for my dashboard.  Only later did I uncover the source of their natural sex appeal and come to find Bernie to be the most charming, generous model a filmmaker could hope for.  I am quite sure that it is Bernie's hot pinup on the cover of my demo that scored me my contract with my distributor, Red Eye.  One of the things I love most about Bernie is that every time she emails she attaches a new pinup.  It's like getting a candy-gram.  What do we have to do to get this girl to make us a calendar?

DJ Bonebrake: A founding member of the legendary punk rock band X, DJ Bonebrake changed the history of rock n' roll with his drumming, a genius that is at home with complex swing rhythms as it is with carnal, seminal punk.  Charming, sexy, generous and one of the defining artists of LA rock, DJ speaks in the film about LA rock in the 80s and, if you're lucky enough to be in town to catch him, plays live with the Bonebrake Synchopaters. Check out the DJ's latest info here.

Joseph Gracia, The Drag-N-Shop, grew up in a car-obsessed family.  He says his defining moment as an artist came the day he, as a mere tot wandering Disneyland, heard a sound one chilly night instantly captivated. He followed it to a bandstand and found Harry James jamming on a trumpet so hard the hot air coming out made it seem like the horn was on fire. Joseph discovered swing and the call of the siren that would forever make him crave "hitting that note" with his own art, custom car design..  Joseph runs the Drag-N-Shop in Sante Fe Springs where we interviewed him for this film.
DJ Chuy Chuy became a significant LA Rockabilly DJ in early 2001 and in Rebel Beat gives us a tour of his home town, East LA, just a few miles from Olvera Street, LA's historic center.  Since appearing in Rebel Beat DJ Chuy has enrolled in Pasadena City College as a radio major.

John & Jillian Villanueva
were a couple who I often captured on film dancing.  I would note them in my logs as "cute couple".  I was lucky to have the cameras there the night John made a surprise proposal to Jillian at Rudolpho's in Silver Lake.  John and Jillian invited us into their rockabilly love nest to see their hearth and home, retro style. Soon after, John was shipped out to serve the US as a Marine in Iraq. For me, John and Jillian symbolize a lot about LA Rockabilly, a community made up of
hard working, artistic people who have crafted a version of life in LA that mirrors their unique taste and family values.  Check out Jillian's makeup services here and John's MySpace page here.
Javier Estrella, The Sunshine Brothers
Known as "Suavier" because of his penchant for sexy skirts, Javier is a fixture of the LA Rockabilly community not only because he can be found dancing with a pretty girl at ever show, but because he also performs as a member of the The Sunshine Brothers.  Also on his resume are those two most common LA credits: Actor and Bartender, and he's appeared in TV cameos and served Brad Pitt at the Emmys.  Javier generously shared both his family stories and photos with this filmCheck out his band here.