"I love champagne especially with potato chips!!"

(from Bernie's website)
Loves & Inspirations
I love champagne especially with potato chips!! Red is my favourite color! I love lingerie, high heels, rockabilly music, film noir, the beach and the sand between my toes!!  Oh and diamonds of course!  I love Eugene Savage especially his Hawaiian print clothes! There is nothing like slinky cold rayon next to my skin!!  Then of course there are thrift shops & Ebay (here's a link to my Ebay store). As for those who inspire me chief among these is my mom. Other inspirations include Bette Davis, Bunny Yeager, Jean Harlow, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, Anne Margaret, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell.

Even as young as 5 or 6 I had started to stand by my mother's side for hours watching her do her make up & hair. She used false eyelashes & everything! I was always fascinated with her transformation from girl next door to this sexy vixen!! I remember even trying on her high heel shoes when she would leave the room so I guess the seed had been sown all the way back then. When I was not studying my mom I was in front of the television fascinated with the family film festival on Sunday mornings. I loved watching the black/white and Technicolor films as the dancing was inspiring and the women so glamorous. As a consequence I begged my mom for tap dance lessons which I started aged just 5 years old...
My name is Bernadette but nobody calls me that (unless I'm getting carded or pulled over of course). All my friends call me Bernie. I live in San Diego and love the slower pace of life and of course the feeling of the sun and beach breezes on my skin.

My mother is from Oklahoma City and my father is from the Philippine Islands (now I think of it I am convinced this is where I get my curvy shape from). They met in the 1960's at a club where my mom danced when my father was on leave from the U.S. Navy. He fell in love with her at first sight! My mother became a burlesque dancer at the ripe old age of 17 and as a kid I had no idea really what kind of dancing she did until I was rummaging through an old 1800's trunk she owned and found some old lobby cards that featured her!!

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